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Well almost a week ago, my Dad got this. The new iPad. from what I know, it’s just a bigger version of the iPhone (at least what I think), just without the phone capability.

Ookami Kakushi if you're wondering

I never owned an iPhone, but this could be really useful when going out or something. I can use the internet on this thing and play apps on this thing (though it is my parents, chances that they’ll not install any apps on it). But of course, the price on this thing is really high at the moment.

So wait until the price goes down to get this thing. If you want it now, go grab it. And if you’re not interested on this thing, pass on it.

Update: It was a gift to my mom apparently and she barely knows how to use any hi-tech devices. That being said, my dad returned the iPad back since my mom doesn’t know how to use it.