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figma Kagura Tsuchimiya

This is my second figma that I own. It is a real impressive figure to have in your collection. They’re always really detailed, but at times I wish that they would work on the more smaller details on some of the figmas. That being said, due to a low amount of money right now, I can’t get alot of imported figures.

To expect, the box art is something to be impressed by. The Color of the box is done in a dark Magenta color scheme with figma kagura on the top, bottom, and right side of the box with chains around and butterfly patterns. And the back of the box, just official photoshoots of the figure itself, warning labels (For people 15 years old or up), what accessories it comes with and materials used to make the figure. Like every figma and other anime products (maybe not some), it has the sticker logo from where the figure’s licensed company.

The packaging has always been layed out neatly and displays well from the box. And the figure itself is wrapped in plastic to protect it from wear and tear inside the box. Accessories are set on the bottom in plastic as well.

The background that was inside the box has chains and trees (presumingly, the forest). As well as a punch-out that you can use for your di:stage (sold seperately) since figma Reimu Hakurei started this. You won’t be able to find punch-outs for a di:stage for older figmas before Reimu.

The details on this figure is really great. Some errors, but it’s not very noticable. As much as I like her, there are some that are under detailed. Her cellphone’s dials are not molded in. And it’s just alittle plain. The neck part of the figure is rather something to note about. The figma’s neck is somewhat hunched and can ruin the way the figure looks. But it’s still a good figure in details.

It’s always good when the joints are at a not too loose and not too tight kind of way. Figmas are known for making their figures doing dynamic poses. They are on a figma joint, which works well around the figure. She could do the splits if she wanted to, but you still have to be careful since figmas are delicate to handle.

The figure does have a moderate amount of accessories. What she has is:

Figma Base
Triple Jointed stand
Figma Zip-Lock Bag

For the figure:
1 neutral looking to the left face
1 smiling face
1 battle expression face
a rack to hold other hands
1 pair of item holding hands
1 pair of item holding hands without a swivel joint
1 pair of summoning hands
1 pair of open palm hands
1 pair of closed fists
1 hand to hold the Michael 12 Scabbard
1 hand with molded in cellphone
Kagura’s Michael 12 weapon
a long metal chain
Noriyuki’s double sided dagger

You got alot of options when it comes to posing. you have a variety of ways to do with her.

There is never much mistakes ever on figma figures. And Kagura’s paint job is very nicely done and such. There are some paint errors, but it’s not very noticable if you don’t look up close. Be it of course, that if the paint’s done very well, you’ll never notice such.

Now sometimes it gets questionable for the price. 2800 Yen is a little much to get figma Kagura, but it’s still worth getting. There are other figures that are much more expensive and questionable at best since the figures are small (115mm – 150mm).

Size comparison:

She’s a rather small figure so the 6 inch War Machine towers over her and Haruhi is slightly taller than her. However, Kagura is a bit taller than the 1/144 HG Gundam Throne Zwei.

Final Thoughts:
This is an overall a great figure to own in your collection. If you’re a fan of the Ga-Rei series or an anime fan, I’d recommand that you pick her up. If you just like to collect figures, by all means, get her. And it’ll be more meaningful if you had figma Yomi to display with Kagura.